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When you’re enclosing a space that requires privacy from both the sights and sounds around your private residence, our sound abatement fences can create the barrier you need.

These fences are specially designed to provide the most noise reduction possible in tasteful designs that complement your home and property. For our commercial customers, sound abatement fences serve to protect neighbors from the noise created by a commercial location.

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Designed to Reduce Noise

red cedar solid wood sound abatement fence
wood sounds abatement fence in yard
wooden fence with small gate on to pof wall

Wood Exterior

We build our sound abatement fences with solid wood, which absorbs sound naturally. Because red cedar is a slightly soft wood, it’s our top recommendation for extra noise reduction.

Rubber Interior

If you cut one of our sound abatement fences in half, it would look like a sandwich: a rubber filling between two layers of wood. The thick rubber provides exceptional dampening for maximum sound abatement.

Other Fencing Options

While our purpose-built sound abatement fences provide the most noise reduction, any of our solid privacy fences (in either wood or vinyl) also offer varying levels of sound deflection and absorption.

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Getting the Most Out of Sound Abatement Fencing

Fence Height

How high is high enough to block out the noise? The simple answer is that if you can see it, you can hear it. Because soundwaves travel in straight lines, a fence must be tall enough to intercept sound as it moves from its source to you. This is why even the thickest fence could never block the noise of an overhead jet: there’s an unobstructed path for sound to travel from the jet to you. On the other hand, if a fence hides passing cars from your sight, it’s also creating a barrier between the highway noise and your ears. 


Trees, bushes, and other plants are all fantastic options for further reducing noise. Local building codes can put strict limits on fence height, so planting a tree or two can be a great way to provide a taller, natural barrier that complements your fence.  

Running Water

If you can’t eliminate noise entirely, a backyard fountain or waterfall can help drown it out. While we at Integrous do not install these fixtures, we often recommend them to customers who are struggling to achieve enough noise reduction with fencing alone.

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Our warranty is the best in the business.

Our sound abatement fences are backed by the industry’s only comprehensive five-year warranty. No fine print, no questions asked.

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The Fence Experts is now Integrous Fences and Decks.

New name, same service.

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