Meet Our Great Team - Integrous Fences and Decks
The Fence Experts is now Integrous Fences and Decks.

New name, same service.

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At Integrous, our name describes who we are and our mantra.

We each play an important part in the many different roles of serving our customers, and we are all passionate about one thing: serving our customers with integrity no matter what. We don’t cut corners or look for shortcuts, but always find new ways to add more value and further develop our craft.

  • Jason Hurst


    Team member since 2009

    Jason leads the company with purpose, focus, and passion. His overarching drive to use business to better people is evidenced by his selflessness and courage in daily decisions and crucial conversations. A bit of a philosopher and an introspective, Jason is eager to learn and grow, surrounding himself with wise people, good books, and regular solitude.

  • Sara Hurst

    Vice President/Co-founder

    Team member since 2009

    Sara is our awesome co-founder who juggled getting a nursing degree while partnering with Jason to start Integrous. Ever a guiding voice of wisdom and perspective, we love her upbeat attitude, caring ear, and her role as official grammar expert. Sara loves anything with depth, whether it's a conversation, book, or dram of Scotch.

  • Jonathan Hurst

    Operations Manager

    Team member since 2009

    Jonathan is a man of capacity and wisdom, energy and compassion. He leads by serving others and is always eager to jump in and help wherever needed. One who shoulders big responsibilities and doesn’t avoid the hard stuff, Jonathan consistently demonstrates the hunger to learn and grow as a leader, friend, husband, and father.

  • Emily Juarez

    Office Manager

    Team member since 2022

    Emily is genuine, caring, and eager to help wherever needed. She learns new tasks quickly and brings positive energy to every interaction, lightening the room with her ready laugh. One who demonstrates the capacity and flexibility to expand her role and take on new responsibilities, she has been a tremendous addition to our office team!

  • Tianna Stoltzfus

    Customer Service Representative

    Team member since 2023

    Tianna brings a joyful, vibrant, and spirited energy to our office team. She is always eager to help, and takes on new projects with ease.  We are thrilled that she agreed to join us after her internship here! Tianna sings and plays keys for the worship team at her church, and her barista skills are on point.

  • Tim Berg


    Team member since 2023

    Tim has a great ability to look at things through a very comprehensive and detailed lens. We are becoming a more organized and thorough company with his help. He keeps us on our toes with his quick observations. Tim enjoys working in his garden. He hopes to get back to Germany soon, which is his favorite travel destination.

  • Delmar Stoltzfoos

    Director of Sales & Marketing

    Team member since 2017

    Delmar is a mastermind of efficiency and hard work, one who loves new challenging and takes them head-on with a winning mindset. He is a man of capacity, attention to detail, and is skilled with creating specialized customer solutions. A dedicated boy-dad, Delmar thrives on creating outdoor adventures and expeditions for his little men.

  • Tim Nolt

    Commercial estimator and Technology Support Specialist

    Team member since 2012

    Tim is a 10-year team member who has filled many diverse roles during his tenure. Excelling in problem-solving, he manages receivables, provides phone support for gate operators, and fixes our office tech issues with seeming ease. Tim is a solid and reliable force who is eager to serve others as needs arise.

  • Eric Shultz

    Deck Estimator

    Team member since 2020

    Eric is approachable, creative, eager to serve, and one who is liked by colleagues and customers alike. He models a challenging balance of patience, precision, and productivity in his daily work and interactions. A man of character with a big heart, Eric cares deeply and extends himself for others, beginning with his own family.

  • James King

    Commercial Sales Manager

    Team member since 2017

    James is a person of wisdom and capacity who easily wins the trust and confidence of our commercial clients. He brings his deep care for others, eagerness to serve, and attention to detail into every situation. A free spirit, James consistently infuses life and energy into the team with his witty comments and fun-loving attitude.

  • Gerald Zimmerman

    Commercial Estimator

    Team member since 2010

    Gerald brings lighthearted, yet genuine, energy to any group. A long-standing team member (we may remember braces and nerdy glasses), his wealth of experience in both installation and estimating make him a valuable resource for residential and commercial customers alike. Gerald is a big fan of cars, the Eagles, but most of all, his 3 daughters.

  • Jon C

    Jon Champagne

    Residential Sales Manager

    Team member since 2012

    Jon is a 10-year team member who thinks big-picture, yet who has honed his craft to make the sales process a science all its own. He focuses on quality, excellence, and precision as he partners with clients to find the best solution for each unique situation. Jon enjoys travel, water, the great outdoors, and any adventure that involves his wife and their adorable dog, Lexi.

  • Gary Aurigemma

    Deck design and Customer Service Representative

    Team member since 2021

    Gary is a smart and hardworking team member, catching on very quickly and thinking a step ahead. In the field, he keeps jobs rolling smoothly and efficiently while bringing a can-do attitude and creative solutions to each situation. Gary is a team player who easily sees what is needed and is eager to jump in and help, recently transitioning from the crew to the office when the need arose.⠀⠀⠀

  • Glendon Hurst

    Glendon Hurst

    Scheduling Manager

    Team member since 2019

    Glendon is optimistic and personable, a man of capacity and depth. He navigates the ever-changing dynamics of our customers and pairs those needs with the staff and skills that are available on any given day. An avid sports fan, Glendon is one to ask to hear a dynamic recap of a recent Phillies or Eagles game.

  • Brendon Martin

    Custom Woodshop Craftsman

    Team member since 2012

    Brendon is an expert wood craftsman and is ever-ready to use those skills to serve the team. He is creative and eager to innovate in order to accommodate custom requests or solve unique problems. As an outdoorsman, Brendon embraces the wild and wonderful aspects of nature: from hiking in Peru to backpacking in Glacier Park, to camping in the dead of winter.

  • Joe Bussells

    Shop & Yard Manager

    Team member since 2020

    Joe is a genuine soul who is quick to listen and eager to learn from others. He is caring and personable, hardworking and dedicated. Joe is an avid reader: committed to his personal growth, development, and the expansion of his capacity and leadership.

  • Rosemberg Vazquez

    Yard Operator

    Team member since 2018 (also 2009)

    Rosemberg is detail-oriented, focused, and brings fun and positive energy to the workday (cardboard sombrero and all). He is eager to serve the team, has extensive experience in the industry, and keeps the yard functions running smoothly. Roz takes great pride in his family and finds ways to support them by making college visits to support his kids or by making his wife a custom piece of furniture.

  • Gabe Martin

    Commercial Project Manager

    Team member since 2012

    Gabe is a responsible and trusted craftsman who spent the last decade expanding the depth and breadth of his skills and who now leads our technical commercial projects. He is a man of capacity, tackling with ambition and positivity what might look overwhelming to others. Gabe cares well for others and is present for and engaged in the lives of his four little kiddos.

  • Manny Martin

    Residential Project Manager

    Team member since 2012

    Manny is a notable and energetic member of the team, greatly advancing his leadership, capacity, and skills throughout his 10 years with the company. Dedicated to doing the job right, he’s a meticulous craftsman who demonstrates excellence in the details. Manny is friendly, quick with a smile, rider of a classic Harley Sportster, and a fun-loving boy dad.

  • Jordan VanPelt

    Jordan VanPelt

    Commercial Fence Foreman

    Team member since 2015

    Jordan is personable, easy-going, dedicated, and responsible. In the past year, he has greatly expanded his capacity in the commercial world, taking challenges in stride. Jordan is the ATV wheelie champion: one who is ever ready for an adventure, but who looks out to ensure that others are having a good time as well.

  • Tyler Hoover

    Fence Crew Member

    Team member since 2017

    Tyler is energetic, yet precise: fun-loving, yet conscientious of time. A skilled craftsman and a hard worker, he puts his whole heart into everything he does. Adventurous and relational, Tyler is ever-ready to take on a mountain with a dirt bike or four-wheeler, cheer on his Phillies, play golf with friends, or be present with family.

  • Teofanes Avila Lopez

    Fence Crew Member

    Team member since 2021

    Teo is ever ready to lighten spirits with a joke, yet is a deep thinker and one who is eager to learn. Forgot something for lunch? Teo is the first to offer you something from his own. On the job, Teo is a steady force: thinking ahead to keep things moving, while having a good time in the process.

  • Brandon's bio

    Brandon Bills

    Fence Crew Member

    Team member since 2022

    Brandon is easy-going, flexible, and willing to help out wherever needed. He is new to the team, but brings significant previous construction experience. A real outdoorsman, Brandon loves spending time in the woods or on the water, particularly hunting or fishing (and even butchering his own game).

  • Daryl Stoltzfus

    Masonry Foreman

    Team member since 2021

    Daryl brings his knowledge, expertise, and leadership from his years in masonry, while being quick to learn new skills, adapt, and continue to take on greater responsibilities in a new industry. Daryl is one who thinks deeply and speaks with insight, ready to lead or to follow as the situation merits.

  • Philip Habegger

    Deck Project Manager

    Team member since 2022

    Philip is personable and intelligent; a person of depth who sparks thoughtful conversations on a wide range of topics. He brings previous deck experience, is quick to take responsibility, works hard and efficiently, yet takes time for the details. Philip loves adventure and travel, and has recently spent time in Russia and Norway.

  • Jose Vazquez-Garcia

    Deck Crew Foreman

    Team member since 2020

    José is hardworking, dedicated, responsible, and consistent. His dry humor and cheerful attitude make him a pleasure to be around. José has the incredible ability to look sharp even after a long day of working in the hot summer heat, and we may be just a tiny bit jealous of that superpower!⠀

  • Brett Brosemer

    Deck Crew Member

    Team member since 2023

    Brett is adaptable and a hard worker. He has been willing to take on any task that is thrown at him, and is someone we can rely on. He enjoys anything that includes the outdoors and riding his motorcycle. Brett also spent some of his years traveling with the US with the renaissance fair. He truly is a man of many talents.

  • Jesse Stoltzfus

    Deck Crew Member

    Team member since 2019

    Jesse is precise and thorough, steady and dependable: one who is quick to learn and who exhibits excellence in his work. His big stories and dry sense of humor are cause for entertainment at work or at play. A farmer at heart, Jesse loves his diesel truck, cowboy boots, and 4-wheeling adventures.

  • Judson Bullock

    Deck Crew Member

    Team member since 2023

    Judson is hardworking, dependable and even has a hidden artistic touch. He is passionate about the relationships around him and enjoys playing sports with his kids. Judson is not afraid to try something new and has been an excellent addition to our deck crew!

  • Bobby Weaver


    Team member since 2021

    Bobby is a comical character, yet genuine and unassuming. He is skilled in mechanical troubleshooting and keeps our vehicles and equipment running optimally. Bobby enlivens lunch breaks with his dryly humorous comments; he’s one who frequently makes us smile or laugh outright.

  • Daniel King

    Seasonal Crew Member

    Team member since 2019

    Daniel is a perfectionist who knows how to get a job done right. He loves competition, style, and enjoys making others have fun, especially the little people in his life.

  • Landon Stoltzfus

    Shop Assistant/Seasonal Crew Member

    Team member since 2021

    Landon is very driven and efficient, one who doesn’t shy away from hard work and is ready to put his shoulder into the job. (We feel lucky that he chooses to spend some of his after-school hours with us.) He is witty, always ready for an adventure, and has some serious meat-smoking skills.

The Fence Experts is now Integrous Fences and Decks.

New name, same service.

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