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Four Popular Fence Styles for 2024

Is there anything more American than a manicured backyard surrounded by a white picket fence? It’s certainly a classic look—but these days, many homeowners are wanting a backyard with a bit more personality. Each year, we install fences in just about every material and configuration you can imagine. So naturally, we get a good sense of where trends are heading. 

Here are four fence styles that gained momentum in 2023—and that we think will continue to grow in popularity during 2024.

Turning to Sustainable Woods

More and more, homeowners are embracing natural materials with a low environmental impact. This often means choosing sustainable timber grown in North America rather than relying on exotic species like Teak and Ipe. While these woods boast inherent durability, their popularity has led to overharvesting, causing ecological damage and community displacement.
The good news is that excellent alternatives exist right here in America. Many native North American woods offer exceptional rot and insect resistance, making them perfect for creating beautiful and long-lasting fences.
Red cedar, hemlock, and locust are three prime examples. These readily available options boast natural beauty and impressive durability, making them sustainable and responsible choices for your outdoor projects.

Adding “Living” Elements

Another way to incorporate natural materials into fencing is seen in the recent trend of “living fences.” These privacy screens can be made by densely planting trees and shrubs exclusively, or by installing a framework for greenery to grow upon.

The best results often come from mixing living and traditional fences. Visually, the outcome can be spectacular—and the interplay between the different elements adds more interest than either option alone.

When pairing traditional and living components, homeowners often opt for traditional fencing in areas where the most privacy is needed and supplement with dense-growing plants elsewhere (species such as switchgrass, rose mallow, or eastern white-cedar all work well). Incorporating native trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses into a privacy fence design also helps provide shade in the summer heat, habitat for wildlife, and excellent noise dampening. 

Mixing Materials

Another trend we’ve seen is moving away from the traditional approach of building fences using just one kind of material. Spend even a few minutes on Pinterest and you’ll notice there’s been an uptick in fences that combine metal, wood, composites, and plastics. And for good reason: These fences not only look great, but combine the best qualities of multiple materials. 

For example, incorporating metal, vinyl, or composites where the fence touches the ground can add many years to a fence’s life.

Combining natural woods and neutral-toned metals can also add a beautiful, modern aesthetic to your outdoor space. This has been one of the most popular fencing trends to emerge in the last few years.

Another example of mixing materials is using wooden rail fencing with a layer of chain link or wire mesh to keep animals in (or out). 

Going Horizontal 

Horizontal fencing isn’t totally new. After all, rail fences are a time-honored tradition—and for us, they’ve been a long-time customer favorite. 

But recently, homeowners have begun incorporating less-conventional horizontal designs with great success.

Horizontal fencing can be slightly trickier to build, especially for a DIY project. However, the finished product can make a space feel bigger than it is: The horizontal lines draw your eyes from side to side, creating a bit of an optical illusion. 

In architecture, design, and other visual arts, horizontal lines are considered to be more calming. Structures that are dominated by vertical lines, on the other hand, tend to feel robust, strong, and even a bit imposing. Now, maybe that’s exactly the feeling you want in your backyard: a solid barrier between you and the outside world. However, if you’re looking to set a more relaxed mood, horizontal fencing can bring that extra touch of zen. 


If you’re interested in incorporating any of these trends into your own backyard, you’re going to want to find a build partner who can provide truly custom designs. Our team starts the process by visiting your property and sitting down with you to discuss your vision. From there, we can provide design options and, once you’ve settled on a direction, pass the plans along to the master craftsmen in our custom shop.
Interested in taking the first step toward a new backyard? Reach out to our team or schedule a free consultation.

The Fence Experts is now Integrous Fences and Decks.

New name, same service.

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